[AccessD] VM for different versions of Access

Tina Norris Fields tinanfields at torchlake.com
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Thank you for that thought.  No, it hadn't occurred to me, and I'm not 
quite sure how to go about that.  I need to learn that part.  I 
certainly much prefer working in A2K3.


William Hindman wrote:
> Tina
> ...I use a usb stick as the vhd location but afaik the virtual machine has 
> to be on the system itself ...since I can run the vpc install from the same 
> usb stick that the vhd resides on, it makes it very portable to move from 
> client to client.
> ...as for Access97, have you considered replacing it on the client systems 
> with an A2k3 runtime? With proper design, a runtime is a lot more stable, 
> subject to less user caused crashes, and can easily provide everything they 
> need short of code development itself ...and as you know, the A2k3 platform 
> itself has numerousadvantages over A97. ...plus it doesn't cost your client 
> anything to upgrade that way.
> William
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>> Hi All,
>> Double-posting, since this is a technical virtual machine question but
>> involves Access.
>> The database I wrote about that got corrupted has been mostly repaired.
>> That is to say the tables are intact, all the data are there, and the
>> table relationships are good.  However, there are bits and pieces that
>> definitely are out of whack.  I am going to remodel the database, to use
>> only the features the client actually uses and wants, to restore the
>> switchboard interface the client likes, and then split the sucker into a
>> proper BE and FE.  Client agrees.  Here is the puzzle: client uses
>> Access97.  My machine is WinXP Pro with Office 2003.
>> I would like to install a virtual machine and run Office 97 in that
>> machine (yes, I still have a licensed copy on the shelf -
>> unbelievable!).  I would like that machine to reside on my USB external
>> drive.  Is this do-able?  What are the gotchas I need to watch out for?
>> I have Microsoft's VirtualPC installed as well as VMWare's Server.  The
>> MS VirtualPC seems the better candidate for making a virtual machine to
>> run another version of Office.
>> Suggestions?  Ideas?  Watch-out fors?
>> Thanks,
>> Tina
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