[AccessD] Fw: Maximize throwing error

Rocky Smolin at Beach Access Software rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Tue Feb 3 10:53:15 CST 2009

Happy to collaborate if you want to run the idea by me.

Rocky Smolin
Beach Access Software

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And have you see my messy work? Not hardly! ;) But, thanks for the offer.

BTW, after reading your book -- and I owe you a review, which I'll publish
soon -- I have a great idea for a product -- just need to do some research. 
:) I'm told by someone in the biz that there's nothing out there, which I
don't really believe, but thought I'd take a look.

Susan H.

> If it's practical, zip it and send it over and I'll see if I get the 
> same result on my machine.

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