[AccessD] OT: Viewing DOM tree of the loaded web page

Doug Murphy dw-murphy at cox.net
Wed Feb 11 19:05:13 CST 2009

Try FireBug 

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Hi All,

Sorry for off-topic but the subject info could be useful for many developers
here developing web app and/or using MS Web Browser control in their MS
Access applications:

- I'm looking for the way to have Web page's DOM tree viewed (as a treeview)
for a given web page URL or even viewed/investigated in a splitted window -
that page should be a live page URL...

I think I have seen such an add-in for FireFox? - sorry, no time for
thourough googling now - if anybody have a link/links saved for the subject
programs/add-ins could you please post them here?

I currently see - Web Code Inspector -
and - DOM Inspector - http://www.brownhen.com/DI/

Did anybody use the above programs?
Maybe you know other programs to investigate/inspect DOM treeview of a web

I have to implement web page(s) navigation automation...

Thank you.

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