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John W. Colby

McGillivray, Don [IT] wrote:
> As luck would have it, I actually have enough time right now to read the lectures carefully, do the exercises and study the results.  For that reason, I'm right with you and hankering after more.  Obviously, it will take some repetition and effort applying the concepts to some real-world situations before I can do it without looking at the notes, but this stuff is clearer to me now than it has been after the other attempts I've made to "get it".
> If you had been the teacher of the Java class I attempted at the local JC last year, I probbly wouldn't have dropped out.  Talk about obtuse.  I know I'm smart enough to learn that stuff, but it seemed like that guy was deliberately working to obstruct understanding (or prove his own superiority with the subject, maybe) rather than helping us get it.  Anyway, (for my level, at least) your approach and methods are working.  Keep it coming, please . . .
> Don
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> As you might guess, I have spent a fair amount of time writing up this series of class lectures.  I
> really need to know that the time is well spent.  I am asking everybody that has actually studied
> any of the lectures to please respond by Monday and let me know how far you have gotten in the
> series.  This gives the weekend those who need more time to take a look.
> This will allow me to determine how to proceed.  I understand that many people just flat do not have
> the time now, but I also know that people make time for what they want or need to learn, and I have
> intentionally broken down the lectures such that each one should take well under an hour to absorb,
> in fact many of them should be well under a half hour.
> Please understand that it is perfectly fine to decide that this isn't something you care about, but
> if you do care then all there is is today.  My own experience says that if I never get started I
> never get it done.
> I really do not want to seem like I am nagging people to do this, but I need some feedback saying
> that people are actually studying this stuff in order for me to do more.  I also need to know how
> far people have gotten to determine whether I am way ahead of the curve or there are people right on
> my heels so to speak, waiting for more.
> Just a quick email telling me where you are would be a huge help to me.
> Thanks guys,
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