[AccessD] Specific Printer

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Tue Feb 17 05:31:03 CST 2009

Hi Andy

Yes I think so. Even if some specifics were set. Those not found at the client will probably be ignored.
For specail paper size, this _may_ even be reset even if fournd at the client.


>>> andy at minstersystems.co.uk 17-02-2009 12:25 >>>
A follow-up to this Gustav. If I create a printer named the same as the
user's printer but a completely different type of printer, than save a
report pointing to that printer, do you think it will still work on-site
when printed to their printer? I wouldn't be setting any specific printing
characteristics of course.


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Hi Andy

You should be able to create a printer setup at your machine named exactly
the same as at the client, and then set your report to use that specific
printer. If you use anything else than the default paper size, you may get
into trouble.


>>> andy at minstersystems.co.uk 05-02-2009 11:12 >>>
Hi folks
How do I supply an MDB with a report set to print to a specific printer
which I don't have? The report is used by several people in an office and
needs to print on their one colour printer which is not the default for any
of them. So it's a network printer and I'm not on their netowrk of course.
Can this be done, by code if necessary?

Oh and this is A2K.


Andy Lacey

PS Deep snow today here. A very pretty English scene as long as you don't
have to try to negotiate the roads, which I don't tee hee.

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