[AccessD] Color listbox rows

William Hindman wdhindman at dejpolsystems.com
Sat Feb 21 02:00:57 CST 2009

...not the listbox ...too many problems
...but I have used his field list which has a check box that you can flag 
...but then you have to distribute the dll and reg it on the client
...currently I just sub form a continuous list and condition code it


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Subject: [AccessD] Color listbox rows

> Has anyone ever improved, or even got a working example of Stephen
> Leban's ListBoxEnhanced sample?
> http://www.lebans.com/listboxenhanced.htm
> I have an existing app in place but the powers that be currently would
> like to flag or color certain rows of a couple of listboxes if they
> are past due.
> I know that I can recreate this with a subform such as Candace Tripp's
> sample provides.
> I was just wondering if anyone has actually used Leban's sample (or
> found another work around).
> Thanks,
> David McAfee
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