[AccessD] A Design Opinion, Please

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 18:54:17 CST 2009

Why not just revamp the underlying query to include the lead salesperson and 
add it as a text field?

Susan H.

> Hi All,
> On a data entry form, where a choice should be made to identify the
> sales staff person primarily responsible for a particular customer,
> which of these methods is better and why?
> Method 1 - set the sales staff field in the table to be a lookup field
> Method 2 - place a combobox on the form that looks up the sales staff
> and then updates the field in the table.
> This is a remodeling job.  The outside sales people need to know who the
> lead sales staff person is on any given customer.  However, at present
> the main data entry form does not indicate that information.  I'll be
> making this change, and I got to thinking about which approach would be
> the wiser of the two.
> Thanks for your opinions.
> Tina
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