[AccessD] Find First in an Array? - The Solution Revisited -NowTag is the Answer

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...you REALLY need to look at what max did ...you're way off base.


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> Ok, I think Max emailed out his database, I didn't see any specific
> code.  But the concept was initially to put all the translations into
> the captions .Tag property, in a 'master' copy, and then create a
> language specific database.
> It's a great idea (good job Max!).  But there are draw backs:
> 1.  Your languages are in the Tag property. (Think that's not a
> drawback?  Ask someone to proof the translations, or add new
> translations..... you either go through each and every control, find
> something to run through them all, etc.  having the translations in the
> table makes it easier for changes, additions, and proofing).
> 2.  2048 character limit.  Sure, for your command buttons and labels on
> your forms, no big deal.  If you have a more paragraph style 'label' on
> a report (or even a form for that matter, but I would assume they would
> be more common on a report), you're going to hit that limit.
> 3.  No 'event' driven changes.  With the example I posted, the
> 'changing' form (Form1) could easily be setup as a Menu bar.  Allowing
> anyone sitting at a console to switch to whatever language they want.
> And instead of having to find all the open forms/reports, the raised
> event would change everything automatically. (Without having to open and
> close the forms)
> But again, it is a great idea.  (Kudos Max!)
> Drew
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> So let me get this clear. Your argument is:
> 1.  I need to store a string value for each control.
> 2.  Controls has been designed with a property specifically for this
> purpose.
> 3.  I won't use the property in case I need to use it for something else
> later on,  instead I will
> build a complete new system which will allow me to do all sorts of neat
> things with controls
> in case I need to in the future.
> May I refer you to Shamil's posting last Friday in this thread?
> <quote>
> May I warn you about what is known as:
> "Premature Optimization"
> http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?PrematureOptimization
> and
> "Premature Generalization"
> http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?PrematureGeneralizationIsEvil
> Have a look:
> "Death by premature generalization"
> http://ryanfarley.com/blog/archive/2004/04/30/570.aspx
> </quote>
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