[AccessD] Bar Chart in Report

Tony Septav iggy at nanaimo.ark.com
Sun Aug 1 10:19:08 CDT 2010

Hey All
For those of you who are familiar with conditional formatting but not 
the power of coding in the On Format sections of a report I have a 
little freebie demo.  It produces a horizontal bar graph without needing 
to use MSGraph. It can be implemented when you want to show comparisons 
or limits for the report data.  I need to see things quickly and 
visually when I am looking at data in a mutli-page report (so do my 
clients) and sometimes the conditional formatting just doesn't cut it. I 
have to look at the data and then visually picture it in my head to 
determine what the data is telling me.  There are 2 simple little 
reports BarChartV1 and BarChartV2  that demonstrates the power of On 
Format.  Anyone interested, contact me off-line.

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