[AccessD] Option Group's Control Collection - Weird Behavior

Drew Wutka DWUTKA at Marlow.com
Thu Aug 26 10:28:55 CDT 2010

Yep, back in the day, I was creating a VB program that would 'remote' an
Access session.  At the time, we had an Access database that was
basically a big reporting engine for our production database.  The
reports run, would prompt with dialog boxes (Access generated).  So the
'remote' program I wrote, would run the report in one thread, and in a
separate thread, it would watch for dialog boxes.  When one appeared, it
used Window API calls to capture the dimensions and characteristics of
the dialog box, and then it recreated them in an HTML format.  Worked
pretty good.  Our remote users could run all the reports they wanted,
and they got web pages that displayed the dialog prompts until the
report actually ran (and the report was then sent in HTML or .snp

When I tried to use the same process for an Access Form, however, that's
when I ran into the monstrous subclassing that Access uses on it's

I have two little apps I wrote a long time ago, one's MoveWindows (when
you run the program, it builds a treeview of all the windows on your
computer, and allows you to manipulate the coordinates and whether they
are visible or not), the other is Window Info.  When that one runs, it
displays the window info of whatever the mouse is over.  If someone has
a place to put them up on the web, I can email the .exes out.  (They
were written in VB, but almost everyone has the VB runtimes installed
nowadays).  It's a 13k zip file with both .exes.  Run that Show Windows
one, and you'll see the difference between an Access Form, and almost
any other window on your machine.  Heck, the Show Windows app itself,
when you move your mouse over the text boxes, shows each text box to be
its own window.  Do that over an Access Form, and you'll see it's not
what you'd expect.  There are several 'child' windows, but the only
'control' is the active one, so when you move focus from one control to
the next, the 'active' window moves to that control, everything else on
the form is 'non-existant' as far as Windows is concerned.


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A.D. / Michael,

If I remember correctly, objects in Access are not individual "windows",
in other words you cannot 
get a handle to window for a combo or a text box (or anything else) in
Access.  In most programs, 
when a graphical object is drawn by the windows operating system,
Windows maps the memory, Windows 
draws it, and Windows hands you back a Handle To Window for that object,
IOW it creates a handle to 
the exact piece of screen real estate that Windows uses.

This is all just vague memories but the bottom line is that every
"object" on a form is somehow 
drawn internally by Access (not directly by Windows), and I *believe*
that is what you are running 
into here.  When you programmatically move objects around, you are
confusing the code internal to 
Access that draws and keeps track of where objects are drawn on the

IIRC Drew knows a lot about this stuff, in fact I think it was Drew that
discussed all this stuff 
ages ago.

John W. Colby

Michael Mattys wrote:
> Hi A.D.,
> I changed the number to move in the loop to 10.
> I haven't come upon a solution yet, but I do find this amusing!
> Michael R Mattys
> Business Process Developers
> www.mattysconsulting.com
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>     Further to my previous post, I would like to add that the anomaly
> confined to manipulation of top property, if the toggle buttons are in
> horizontal alignment to start with. No problem with left property.
> Best wishes,
> A.D. Tejpal
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