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Heenan, Lambert Lambert.Heenan at chartisinsurance.com
Thu Aug 26 15:28:03 CDT 2010

Like Drew said...

Using an OpenAgs value to simulate your security check, just open the form acHidden

Sub testFormOpen(strArgument As String)
    On Error GoTo testFomrOpen_Error
    DoCmd.OpenForm "form2", , , , , acHidden, IIf(strArgument > " ", strArgument, Null)
    Debug.Print IsLoaded("form2")
    On Error GoTo 0
    Exit Sub

    Select Case Err.Number
    Case 2501    ' For open cancelled
        ' do nothing
        Resume Next
    Case Else

        Debug.Print Err.Number, Err.Description
        Resume testFomrOpen_Exit
        Resume Next
    End Select

End Sub 

And then in the Open event of the form...

    If OpenArgs & "" > "" Then <== If YourSecurityCheckPassed
        Me.Visible = True
        Cancel = True
    End If


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I am starting to test my table driven Presentation Level Security system.  I have a login etc.  When a form opens, in the OnOpen I initialize an instance of the class that will drive the security for that form.  I do it there because I can set Cancel = true to force the form to shut back down if the user is not allowed to use the form.

The problem is that the form *displays* even if it eventually shuts back down.

This is an issue because I pop up a message box saying that the user is not allowed to open the form, but it is already open and displaying data behind the message box.  Oooops.

The only other time I have addressed this issue I opened a dummy form in front of the form being opened so that the form actually being opened was hidden.  That is an ugly solution to a common problem.

Has anyone solved this problem in an elegant fashion.

John W. Colby
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