[AccessD] OT: Friday Humor...

Helmut Kotsch hkotsch at arcor.de
Sat Aug 28 17:00:42 CDT 2010

I don't know how good your German is, probably you know somebody who knows
For this case you find under the following link the German catalog of fines
for traffic violations..
Hope it helps.



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Thank you, Gustav, Doug and Helmut --

Your opinion would be very useful here for me.

It would be great if somebody from US, Belgium, France, Finland, Sweden,
Norway or any other countries could also e-mail me their opinion on that

Drivers here can get their car driving license cancelled for 4-6 months
because of the crossing/cutting by their cars the road line in the rose zone
- of that picture: http://sms-web.biz/pdd/bm3.jpg ...
Like that - http://sms-web.biz/pdd/spc1.jpg - more or less - it's a real
case pictured here - a man (a lawyer BTW) has got his car driving lost based
on such a picture + a Russian road policeman report, which was a kind of
gibberish cheating...

My question is: would such a road traffic rule violation result in getting
your car driving license cancelled temporarily there in your countries?

Please e-mail them privately.

Please consider this thread as closed.
Sorry for off-topic.

Have nice weekend.

-- Shamil

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In Germany the answer is "NO". It would be hard to prove unless they have a
picture like the one you showed.
This kind of violation might become important once you are involved in an
traffic accident.


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