[AccessD] Leave a bound form in a library.

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Hi John,

That's how I usually do it, but I am aware that
It can be done using OpenCurrentDatabase and also,
possibly, dbEngine(0)(1).

Michael R Mattys
Business Process Developers

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One of the challenges of using an "addin" library is placing forms in the
add-in but having them 
load records from the FE.  For example if I make a bound form to load the
users table but I leave 
that form in the library (add-in), then when the form opens it tries to load
the data from the table 
in the library.  IOW a form tries to pull its data from whatever container
it is placed in.

One way around that is to use the "in 'MyFePath\MyDbName.mdb' syntax that is
valid in access.  As an 
example SQL to pull the records from the FE might look as follows:

SELECT * FROM usystblPLSObjFrm in 'C:\Dev\C2DbPLS\C2DbPLS.mda' ORDER BY

This would obviously pull all fields from the table usystblPLSObjFrm
physically located in 

This is a PITA and requires jumping through hoops but that is the only
solution that I know of.

If any of you know of another solution please let me know since I do have to
get adept at hoop 
jumping to do it my way.

John W. Colby
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