[AccessD] List box populated with data and *nothing* selected

Collins, Darryl Darryl.Collins at anz.com
Sun Jan 3 22:56:58 CST 2010

Thanks Steve and Anita,

I was using Me.lbAllPrograms.rowsource = "" and then repopulating it, so
I was sort of on the right track ;)

However, both your suggestions did the trick, as did
"Me.lbAllPrograms.Selected(0) = False" which I found via google about
the same time as your emails showed up.

I ended up using "Me.lbAllPrograms = Null" as I can imagine a time when
record 0 is not the once selected and therefore will still be

Great Stuff!


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This should do the trick...
Me.NameOfYourListbox = Null


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> Hi Folks,
> I am guessing not a lot of us are lurking, but here goes....
> I have a form with a list box.  When the form opens and the list box 
> is initially populated, there is no record selected in the list.  This

> is a good thing for me and how I want things to work.
> When the user chooses an option in the list, it will return a record 
> set of filtered data in a different subform based on their choice.  
> All this works swimmingly well.
> What I would like is a way to return the listbox to a neutral state 
> when the users click on a reset option (which will return *all* 
> records in the other subform).
> Currently the reset process works perfectly on a technical level, but 
> on a visual level one of the list box options is always left still 
> highlighted, which suggests that the filter is still applied on the 
> highlighted record.
> I know I could use a combo box for this sort of thing (I often do), 
> but I like the point and click simplicity of the list box approach for

> this form.
> Clearly Access is happy to have the list box exist with nothing 
> selected as this is the default position whenever the base form is 
> opened, however how does one return/reset it to that state? A list box

> populated with data and *nothing* selected?

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