[AccessD] List box populated with data and *nothing* selected

A.D. Tejpal adtp at airtelmail.in
Mon Jan 4 03:13:16 CST 2010


    As already suggested in this thread, setting the list box value to Null or its ListIndex to an unlikely value (say -1) should normally serve the purpose.

    However, it is occasionally observed that shadow of previous selection tends to persist (specially in multi-select scenario) after the list box has been re-populated as per revised criteria. Even non-existent rows might appear in selected state (i.e. the area where proper selection was in force earlier). 

    In order to forestall such behavior and as an abundant precaution, de-selection by iteration through list rows could be adopted as per sample routine P_ClearListBox(), as given below. Pointer to list box object is passed as an argument.

Best wishes,
A.D. Tejpal

' Sample routine for absolute clearing of list box
Private Sub P_ClearListBox(lbo As ListBox)
    Dim Cnt As Long

    For Cnt = 0 To lbo.ListCount - 1
        lbo.Selected(Cnt) = False
End Sub

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  Hi Folks,

  I am guessing not a lot of us are lurking, but here goes....

  I have a form with a list box.  When the form opens and the list box is
  initially populated, there is no record selected in the list.  This is a
  good thing for me and how I want things to work.

  When the user chooses an option in the list, it will return a record set
  of filtered data in a different subform based on their choice.  All this
  works swimmingly well.

  What I would like is a way to return the listbox to a neutral state when
  the users click on a reset option (which will return *all* records in
  the other subform).

  Currently the reset process works perfectly on a technical level, but on
  a visual level one of the list box options is always left still
  highlighted, which suggests that the filter is still applied on the
  highlighted record.

  I know I could use a combo box for this sort of thing (I often do), but
  I like the point and click simplicity of the list box approach for this

  Clearly Access is happy to have the list box exist with nothing selected
  as this is the default position whenever the base form is opened,
  however how does one return/reset it to that state? A list box populated
  with data and *nothing* selected?


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