[AccessD] Moving to Windows 7 ??

Drew Wutka DWUTKA at Marlow.com
Wed Jan 6 14:26:05 CST 2010

Nope, no problems.  I've been running Windows 7 64 bit on both my work
desktop and work laptop.  Works beautifully.  There are a few things
that won't work/install in the 64 bit environment that I have found
(Access, 97 to 2007 install fine, though switching between 97 and newer
versions is a pain, cause it requires a registry change that UAC won't
like, you have to start 97 as an 'administrator' (not just logged in as
one, but use the shortcut menu option), to force the registry change,
and 97 will keep working until you load a newer version of Access, then
it's back to running it as an Admin).  VB 6 works fine, Visual Studio
works fine. 

Only dev problem I personally have is our Production database is run on
an Oracle DB, and the ODBC drivers don't work in a 64 bit environment
(but it's been several months since I have looked to see if Oracle has
anything out that will work yet...).

>From a network admin viewpoint (the following were all from when I
installed Windows 7 in October, I have not researched any of these since
then, so there may be solutions now...), we still use Exchange 2003,
which requires special tabs in the AD Schema, and those won't install in
the 64 bit windows 7.  The current version of Websense Administration
package won't install at all.  And you need to install the proper
versions of some software (there will sometimes be 32 bit and 64 bit
versions...like for Virtual PC, etc.).

Other than that, 64 bit rocks...and I'm using a machine that is about 2
years old now. I  HIGHLY recommend that if you have a decent machine,
that you go with a RAID 0+1 or RAID 5, and get a performance boost from
your drives, because it'll make Windows 7 scream that much faster!


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I'm currently evaluating moving my main development machines to Windows

My questions is:

1) Can you successfully Develop a 32 bit application such as MS Access
(2003-2007) with many ActiveX Controls, in Windows 7 64 Bit?

2) Should I even Use Windows 7 64 Bit? ...;-)


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