[AccessD] Send report to printer...after viewing

John Clark John.Clark at niagaracounty.com
Fri Jan 8 12:45:32 CST 2010

I just wrote a program that creates vouchers for court witnesses...they take these vouchers to the county treasurer and get a check. As per the suggestion of a list member...Reuben Cummings, I think it was...I built the whole of the report via code. This worked out fantastically, and I am very happy w/it. After typing in the witness and case data, the user can hit the "Create Voucher" button, and you get a print preview of the voucher, and are able to verify the information on it.
However...I would like there to be a way to send this to the printer, if it looks correct. Currently one must click the office button and choose to print, but I'd like a quicker option, if possible. When you then close the preview, the form opens back up.
Here are my thoughts so far:
(A) Keep it the way it is... Hey, it works right? But, I like functionality, and if I were the user, I'd like a button. This is an extra task that this department is inheriting, from the courts, so this will already be an interruption for them and I'd like to make it as simple as possible.
(B) Put a button on a form... Can you do this? It looks like you can, but are they really buttons?
(C) Implement a "Hot Key"... If this is possible, it still really isn't very intuitive...if the user and myself both die in tragic accidents simultaneously...hey, anything is possible...will anyone know how to do this?
(D) Kick up another form, along w/the report, which would have the buttons on it
(E) Skip the whole idea of a preview and just send the darn thing to the printer from the original button... this would be the easiest, and if there is an error...oh, well!
Ideas? What do y'all do?
And, this actually...depending on how I end up going...may bring up another issue. I'll make that another post though...

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