[AccessD] Question 2...returning to a form

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If you want to return to the record, save the Bookmark and then  reposition
on it.


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OK, for those of you that might have read my other post, this is the next
For those of you that may not have read it...or maybe your attention span is
like mine and...where was I...oh, yeah...maybe you just need a reminder...
I've got an entry form, w/a button on it. Press the button and a voucher is
created from the data, and you get a print preview of said voucher. When you
close the preview, you are returned to the data entry form. But...and herein
lies the question...you are returned to record #1, and not where you were.
This isn't a huge problem, because in reality, you would almost always be
done w/a record, once you print and wouldn't need to return to it. But, the
whole reason it goes to a preview to begin with, is that you can check and
amend data. So, if there is a reason to change something, I don't want it
going to record one and need to travel back to the current record. 
An easy, although not perfect, approach to this, might be to just open the
form to the last record...contemplating this anyhow. Most of the time we
will be printing the last record anyhow, so this would probably get us by,
for the most part. 
However, if for no other reason, I'd like to do this, just so I can learn
how to do it. So, how can I have my calling form return to its last known
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