[AccessD] OT Merging PDF's in .Net

David Emerson newsgrps at dalyn.co.nz
Sun Jan 10 16:08:58 CST 2010

Sorry about the OT but there may be experience of this out there.

I have a web screen that has several PDF files.  Users can select a 
file, have it opened in Adobe, or save it to local disk.  Currently 
they can only do this one file at a time.

I would like them to be able to select several PDF files, and have 
them all merged together into one file that can be opened or 
saved.  Can anyone recommend any .net utilities that can be used (and 
are not too expensive :-) )?  Is there anything built into .Net to 
achieve this?


David Emerson
Dalyn Software Ltd
Wellington, New Zealand 

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