[AccessD] OT: Windows 7 .. I'm VERY impressed

Drew Wutka DWUTKA at Marlow.com
Mon Jan 18 15:57:23 CST 2010

Actually, windows 9x would do this too.  There is a reason that NT
machines weren't doing this kind of thing, it was a sudo
security/performance issue.  When installing, the OS optimized itself to
the motherboard/CPU.  I guess they must have figured it was better to
let Windows 7 do what Windows 9x used to do.

One of my favorite features of Windows 7 is the ability to grab a
maximized window and move it, without having to click anything.


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Let me tell you a little story, one of almost disaster to complete

As you may know, I moved my main (Dev) computer over to Windows 7 Pro.
was no easy task, as I use quite a few programs that require machine key
registration (11 to be exact). It took me almost 3 days to migrate my
system, and get everything "just right". 

Well, just over a week into using Windows 7, my motherboard failed (Asus
P5K-E WiFi), and would no longer POST. So as you know that typically
means a
fresh install of windows and programs with a new motherboard
replacement. I
was very upset, wanted to shove my keyboard through both of my monitors.
What makes this even worse, I had been having POSTing issues for the
last 8
months, but after a few restart attempts everything started... ;-( ..
this time....

I could not get the exact same motherboard, so I purchases a new Asus
Pro Turbo. Installed new motherboard, and for grins just let it boot to
Windows 7 Drive. (Booted in Safe Mode) while I was in Safe mode looking
around (Was going to make an attempt at removing the old chipset drivers
such) Windows asked me to reboot, so I did.

To my utter amazement, Windows 7 booted right back in with absolutely NO
PROBLEMS AT ALL. I could not believe it. Re-activated Windows and I was
completely back up and running.

I have tried this 3 other times in the past (the latest with a Vista
Ultimate Machine), and none of them worked out, Windows, as you know, is
typically unforgiving with a motherboard replacement.

So, needless to say I am VERY impressed.

Anyway Guys & Gales... Have a great week!!!


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