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I think the reason is more practical and technical.  That is Windows7 is
really a reworking of the Vista OS.  You could almost think of W7 as the
release version and Vista as the Beta.

Just like you couldn't upgrade from XP to Vista (it was an reinstall
job) you cannot upgrade from XP to W7.

As much as I love tech stuff I usually wait a bit to see how much better
(or worse) the latest and greatest is before I leap. In this case I am
going to skip over vista and Office 2007 completely and have no regrets
at all about it.

W7 I will get when I upgrade to a newer PC, and Office 2010 seems to
show more promise as well.


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Was that done purposely to force users to buy Vista AND Win 7 I wonder ?

> You can't upgrade XP, only Vista.  XP has to do a clean install.
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