[AccessD] Add blank page to report via VBA

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In A97 you can put a page break control on a report and set its visible property to true when you want a page break, and face when you  don't. 


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Hello to the list,

My current project requires me to print a report that contains 5 subreports.
The fourth sub can grow to sometimes 4 or more pages.
Depending on the amount of pages for the above sub, I need to insert enough blank pages between them and the last sub so that the total amount of pages for the whole report equals a multiple of 4 (4, 8, 12.......).
This is necessary to allow the whole job to be sent to ClickBook and have the last page be on the back of the resulting booklet.
Access 97
I note there is "ForceNewPage" in A2K and later, not useful to me using A97.

Extra points for allowing me to print accurate page numbers for all pages starting with sub 2 and ending at the end of sub 4.


Bob Heygood

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