[AccessD] Access 2007 (.mde) in Windows 7 -- Somthing else to Watch Outf For

Robert robert at servicexp.com
Tue Jan 26 18:48:33 CST 2010

I'm not sure if this problem existed on Vista Machines, but I just confirmed
45 min ago with a beta tester that has Window 7 64 bit, and he does NOT have
the problem.. So it looks like it may be confined somehow to Windows 7 32
bit only. I don't have any other 64 Bit Windows 7 testers, but everyone (10)
of the 32 bit beta testers had the problem.

It's very strange, and I'm still not sure what to make of it. I am however
glad to be done with it, as it chewed up a considerable about of my time
finding the cause.

There are other issue that I'm dealing with; that only appear to be related
to Windows 7, but I still working through them.


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Ohhhh, that is nasty!  And this only happens on a Windows 7 machine?  We
still don't know that it 
isn't a SP level kind of issue but it is definitely nasty!

John W. Colby

Robert wrote:
> As you may remembered, on a Windows 7 machine (only Window 7), my program
> would hang, and cause Windows 7 to complain only when closing it. I think
> found the cause, and if it is what I think it was, it's not good...
> I was able to drill the problem down to a specific form(s) Vs One form
> didn't exhibited the problem. I would simply open the program on a product
> machine, and open one form, then close the program, one at a time, until I
> found a form that DID NOT cause the issue.
> The ONLY difference in the form that DID NOT cause the problem, it did not
> use any sysvar calls. My sysvar system is loosely based on John Colby's
> sysvar structure, which was referenced in a separate .mde.  These are the
> classes that need to have the headers modified to enable direct
> with the properties and methods in the main program.
> I thought, there is no way that could be causing a problem. After combing
> over ever single line of code in that system, I could not find ANYTHING
> was not being destroyed.
> After that. I imported ALL of the code from the logic.mde that housed the
> code into the main FE program.. Guess what, the problem has completely
> away, no form causes the program to hand on closing.
> I'm not exactly 100% sure what to make of it, but all I did was get rid of
> the Logic.mde and access the same code directly in the FE and it appears
> have solved it completely.
> Just another "Heads Up"....
> Robert
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