[AccessD] A2003:Replacing 'tokens' in a string

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Thu Jan 28 07:57:00 CST 2010


The beauty of the list is that you ask a question and get a whole slew of different methods of doing 
something, presenting a slew of opportunities to learn new stuff.  When you posted your solution I 
did not attack it as a hangman's noose.  To a hangman, every knot will do the job.  ;)

Your solution does a fine job for the stated task, and apparently (from his comments) your solution 
is about all the OP is able to assimilate anyway.

I just find it sad that a solution other than your own is by definition a hammer.

John W. Colby

Max Wanadoo wrote:
> I would do Gustav, if and when I find I have a need for those
> languages.  Everything i need at the moment is well handled by Access
> using VBA.
> Complexities is not an issue - in fact all those additonal properties
> and methods can be a real boon if and when needed.
> However, obfuscation is rife and needs to be whittled back so that the
> tyros do not get blinded by the aficianados.
> A simple request should, where possible, be given a simple solution. IMHO.
> sigh...
> max
> On 28/01/2010, Gustav Brock <Gustav at cactus.dk> wrote:
>> Hi Max
>> Well, come to C# and VB.NET where even the tiniest variable has properties
>> and methods. Call that a "hammer" if you like, I love it.
>> /gustav

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