[AccessD] In a legacy system how control a Vba MsgBox

Edward Zuris edzedz at comcast.net
Fri Jan 29 10:03:22 CST 2010

 Thanks A.D. Tejpal,

 I'll dig into your example.

 By chance this is an Access 2000 application.

 And thanks to everyone else for their ideas.

 What I find interesting is that when the following
 code is executed:

       strVar = "Sure Add Task: Rake Yard"
       lTmp1 = MsgBox(strVar, 4 + 256, strVar)
       If lTmp1 = 7 Then
          GoTo cmdTask_Click_End
       End If

 The VBA stop everything until the user responds.

 Then depending on how the user/customer responds
 the VBA code can be commanded to do different things.

 When I try to emulate the same with a modal form
 the calling VBA script keep marching along.

 My current work-around is:

    strVar = "Sure Add Task: Rake Yard"
    If gInteractive = True Then
       lTmp1 = MsgBox(strVar, 4 + 256, strVar)
       If lTmp1 = 7 Then
          GoTo cmdTask_Click_End
       End If
    End If

 The current work-around has the disadvantage of
 adding code to someone else's work.

 Once again thanks to all for all the suggestions
 and help.

 Ed Zuris.

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    If there are compelling reasons to enforce automated closing of
message box, my sample db named Form_MsgBoxAutoClick might be of
interest to you. It is in access 2000 file format and is available at
Rogers Access Library. Link - 

    This sample db demonstrates automatic closing of message box after a
specified time delay (which can be set as desired), if the user fails to
respond in the given time span. It makes use of API calls FindWindow and
DestroyWindow via temporary activation of form's timer. On closing the
message box, form's timer gets automatically disabled.

    An alternative solution based upon SendKeys is also demonstrated -
just for academic interest (Main solution based upon API calls is to be

Best wishes,
A.D. Tejpal

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   Dear AccessD Forum
   I am doing a little automation work within a legacy
   From inside some VBA code, a form is opened, given some
   data, where buttons and controls are clicked.
   The opened form, ft001CreateTasks, has a MsgBox asking
   a Yes/No question.
   What kind of handle do I use to click the YES button
   on the message box modal form ?
   Or are there some other way of tackling this issue ?
   Ed Zuris.

                   Example Vba Code snippet
      strVar = ""
      DoCmd.OpenForm "ft001CreateTasks", , , strVar
      strVar = "Rake Yard"
      Forms("ft001CreateTasks").cboTaskType.Value = strVar
      Call Forms("ft001CreateTasks").cboTaskType_Click
      . . . . now a message box open on the form . . . . . 

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