[AccessD] ScreenUpdating coming back on when controlling Excel via automation

William Benson (VBACreations.Com) vbacreations at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 00:34:04 CDT 2011

Brad, here is more for you to geal with!

I have googled this and seen it has affected more than me... but no one has
a solution. When I am in Excel, I do not find Workbooks.Open causes
screenupdating to toggle back on. However, when using an instance of Excel
controlled through automation (from Access) it does turn screenupdating back
on (and the visible property of the application instance as well).

It is a bit frustrating. So far I cannot do anything about it except use
code to turn it off again. It is creating visuals that I do not want my
client to endure.

Anyone have a solution to keep Excel really in the silent and invisible
background when using automation?

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