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>> that I'm running a 64-bit Windows

Need that in retirement mode eh?


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I know that I've written this code before, but due to a plethora of backup
CDs and my habit of pruning what is not currently necessary from the current
situation(s), I can't find the relevant code. And besides, I'm currently
semi-retired, and working in hobbyist most not billable mode.

Here's what I need, in ADO format if possible:

<pseudo vba>
For each t in CurrentDB( Tables )
    For each f in t.fields
        For each a in f.Attributes    ' could be Properties not Attributes
            Debug.Print a.Name, a.Value
</pseudo vba>


For years and years and years, I have used Rick Fisher's FindAndReplace, but
now it's failing on me due to (I think) the fact that I'm running a 64-bit
Windows, which doesn't like what he offers to install. In my retirement
mode, I cannot afford to purchase more software. Maybe I could run a Windows
32-bit version of everything, then run F&R, then do what I need to do, then
import the results back into 64-bit. Yuck.
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