[AccessD] Emailing an .mde

Tesiny, Ed EdTesiny at oasas.ny.gov
Wed Jul 6 08:32:29 CDT 2011

Sounds like an easy solution but even I can't get access to it and I
have enhanced internet access.  I'm sure the person I'm working with has
no ability to download.

Ed Tesiny
EdTesiny at oasas.ny.gov 

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I don't remember the last time I sent an email with a file attached.  I 
always upload it to Dropbox, and then email the link for them to grab it

from there.  Very easy.


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Hi All,

I'm trying to email a database frontend, of course our system blocks it.
Is there an extension that is fairly neutral, I tried .doc with one
person last week and that worked but it isn't working with the person I
trying to distribute to today.  Any suggestions?



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