[AccessD] xyz* faster than *asd

William Benson (VBACreations.Com) vbacreations at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 12:54:20 CDT 2011

I don't think that is true Arthur.

If testing Like XYZ* you are saying ONLY THINGS THAT begin with XYZ, and if
testing LIKE *XYZ you are saying only things which end with XYZ 

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Well yeah! If prefaced with an asterisk, it means LIKE everything; if
suffixed with an asterisk, it means "Everything like JWC*"; hence search for
JWC and walk the remaining similarities.


On Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 1:24 PM, jwcolby <jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com> wrote:

> Does anyone know of a reason that LIKE is faster with the * in back 
> instead of the front of a string to search by in the where clause?
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