[AccessD] Select Distinct not working on union query - due to MEMOfield?

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 16:43:28 CDT 2011

DISTINCT considers every field in your query.

Susan H.

>I was using Select distinct on records from a subquery which itself was the
> result of a union query. To my mind, Select distinct should produce the 
> same
> result in such a situation as a group by query using the same fields. The
> Group By query condensed the records, however, and the select distinct 
> query
> did not. I chased down the reason to this:  One of the fields was a memo
> field.
> I don't know if the takeaway here is
> (1) Use Group By queries instead of Select Distinct, whenever possible
> (2) Don't use MEMO fields whenever possible
> (3) I have not really discerned the real reason for the difference and am
> fooling myself.

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