[AccessD] where is OpenOffice data store

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Since you didn't get to Google at the time, I did some searching. Here were
some references I found, but no succinct answer:

A database management program similar to Microsoft Access. Base allows the
creation and manipulation of databases, and the building of forms and
reports to provide easy access to data for end-users. As with MS Access,
Base can function as a front-end to a number of different database systems,
including Access databases (JET), ODBC data sources and MySQL/PostgreSQL.
Base became part of the suite starting with version 2.0. Native to the
OpenOffice.org suite is an adaptation of HSQL. While Base can be a front-end
for any of the databases listed, there is no need to install any of them.
Raw SQL code can be entered by those who prefer it, or graphical user
interfaces can be used.

Here are two really good links in terms of understanding and usability of


Can we get back to MS Access  now?  ;-)

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I installed OpenOffice on a computer I am giving away.  I just happened to
create a table in their 
database app and the data store looks rather robust, perhaps mysql?  I have
not managed to Google 
what data store open office uses.

Does anyone know?

John W. Colby
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