[AccessD] Article on upgrading

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 13:13:43 CDT 2011

This is good advice for actually performing an upgrade, but I'm looking for 
questions you might ask when deciding whether you actually should or want to 
upgrade -- see the difference? What kind of questions do you ask your 
clients before you actually get there -- what kinds of questions do they ask 
you when they begin to think about upgrading?

Thanks Arthur! Please feel free to play again! ;)
Susan H.

>I would lend this to your proposed article.
> 1. Find any occurrences of "Select" plus anything, either in RecordSources
> or DataSources. Revise said code to refer to a named query.
> 2. Make sure that all date-fields are not null, giving them instead a
> default value of Date() at worst, but supplying some value at least.
> 3. Make sure that all FKs hold true; no orphans whatever, else the whole
> migration will fail.
> 4. Strictly a matter of opinion, but MO is that 3NF is insufficient for
> serious dbs; 4- and 5-NF are mandatory.

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