[AccessD] Article on upgrading

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 14:18:17 CDT 2011

Well Rusty... are you trying to steal my job????????? ;) 

Thank you!

Susan H. 

> Just off the top of my head:
> - Do they have network stability issues (ie computers losing
> connections, slow internet connection speeds, etc...)  If so, if they
> think they need to go to SQL because the database is slow or the backend
> keeps getting corrupt, it may be they need to invest in the network and
> moving to SQL won't be required.
> - What kind of machine is the backend hosted on currently?  Maybe an
> upgrade to that machine, or putting the backend on a more robust machine
> will take care of any issues.
> - Are they running a frontend/backend setup currently?  Splitting up the
> database to a frontend and backend and putting copies of the frontend on
> each user computer may alleviate issues they may currently be having.
> - Is user level security becoming a requirement?  Access security is
> easy to break and, if I remember correctly, non-existent in Access 2007
> and 2010
> - Using multiple versions of Access on your network to run your
> frontend?  I've seen issues pop-up when different versions are hitting a
> backend and causing slowness and corruption in the backend.  Moving to a
> SQL backend took care of the issues.
> - If they move to SQL, do they have a server?  If not, a robust pc on a
> peer-to-peer network (Express only)?  If not, are they willing to invest
> in one?
> - Are they hesitant to move to SQL because of cost?  SQL Express is
> free.
> - Are they anticipating a lot of growth?  Might be wise to make the move
> to SQL now so they aren't having to scramble to upgrade later.
> Rusty
> I'll be writing about upgrading to SQL Server and I'd like to include as
> many of you in it as possible -- you'll get credit and a link -- it's a
> nice thing to show the boss and clients. 

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