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John Bartow john at winhaven.net
Fri Feb 1 12:22:27 CST 2013

Unfortunately I have to use far too many of them. 

For non-it people this product is easy to use, low cost and uses both
traditional and cloud technologies:
I simply use it to keep my "in the safe" backup, mobile toolkit and RoboForm
memory sticks synched up but it has so much to it.

Acronis has reliable backup solutions. I use this on a number of sites. In
addition to full HD imaging and scheduled file backups they offer cloud
backup. I use Acronis in most offices.

Windows Backup/Shadow Copy is OK for SoHo/Small offices. Differences by
Windows version is a bit ridiculous and I read that MS dropped Windows
Backup from Windows 8 although I guess I should confirm that. (Tells you how
many Windows 8 PCs I support ;-)
I use some form of Windows Backup in offices that won't pay for a better
backup solution.

ZipBackup Windows Backup Software is low cost and backs up to zip file
format. I use it at one site and have had to recover files, that was easy.
WinZip includes backup functionality now, haven't used it but if they pay
for WinZip anyway it probably is easy to use and it stores it in zip file
format so that easy to use just right from windows explorer (like
ZipBackup's archives are).
Nero bundles Backitup with their CD/DVD and Video authoring offering if they
use that type of thing it's a good package that comes along with it. I
tested it and it was fine. I just don't use it because I already have
Windows Server backing up every night via the network, Acronis backing up to
external drives and GoodSync synchronizing to my memory sticks. I'm a bit
over protected but then it takes no effort so why not? :-P

I'm moving my customers over to my own integrated local backup/cloud managed
services now so eventually I hope to have them all using my backup services
solution ;-)

I'll stop now.

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Dear List:
User is looking for a backup system.
Any votes for favorite?


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Hi Rocky -


Can you recommend an automatic back-up program (similar to Carbonite) that
works well with E-Z MRP? We just recovered from a server crash, and found
out that Carbonite does poorly, if at all, with databases. Fortunately, we
had a not-too-old manual back up copy of E-Z on hand, but I'd like to do it
automatically, and off-site (cloud) based, if possible.


Thanks for any advice.


Frank Federman

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