[AccessD] I am still not seeing messages

James Button jamesbutton at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 15:05:38 CST 2013

As a new joiner (this week) I'll jump in and say that I had, and have a 
problem with echo'ss of messages I email to other forums since my ISP 
subcontracted my email to Gmail.
Gmail seems to 'recognise' when an email forum is sending you something you 
sent, and discards that 'repro' of your posting.

If you want a copy of what you sent, then you have to cc yourself, or setup 
a 'rule' to copy the messages sent to adresses such as the forum back to 
your inbox.

Seems that, according to Gmail you are not allowed to see what the other 
forum members got from the forum


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>I am still not seeing two messages I wrote re the form and the class,
> explaining the code in each. I wrote them to AccessD and I am getting 
> other
> emails that I have sent to AccessD so I am confused.
> Has anyone else seen three medium long emails on the subject of a class 
> and
> form to handle double click events of a text box?  I am writing them
> straight from my browser now and they show as sent in GMail.
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