[AccessD] Tony's comments

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 11:36:16 CST 2013

> 2. "What is also obvious is that we are failing to attract new minnows. 
> It's
> possible that this is because the pool of ambitious Access power-users is
> shrinking."
>  Those two points go to the heart of the matter; Access is a mature
> product, other products have moved into it's niche, and as a result no one
> is doing anything new with it.
>  For example, why is not anyone talking about Azure or Access web
> databases?  Because no one (or very few) are doing anything with them. 
> Most
> of us have moved onto other things, so there is nothing new to talk about.
> Tony's comment of "Nowadays new Access projects are drying up faster then
> the Sahara"  is spot on.  It's not just here either, but everywhere. 
> The
> Access TA on EE was one of the top traffic areas since 1996 until 2011. 
> Now
> it's not even in the top 50 of the most active.  And I see the same thing
> everywhere.   Anything that has to do with Access has dropped off the 
> cliff
> in the past couple of years.

===========I live in a very small Access cave, so my contribution to this 
discussion is small, and ... probably askew. I can only go by my readers' 
needs and questions. I receive no questions about Access. When I publish an 
Access tip or article, no one comments. They're not even viewing the page. 
Now, that might be because I'm not giving them what they want -- a very 
likely scenario. But no one's asking for anything either. I can't really 
draw much of a conclusion, but Access was once my bread and butter. I didn't 
stop writing about it because I wanted to -- but because publishers no 
longer wanted the content because subscribers no longer paid for it.

Susan H. 

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