[AccessD] Tony's comments - Part 2

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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To change the list format there are a number of options:

1. Use an existing Blog infrastructure; Wordpress, Blotspot etc.
2. Use a forum type format; there are many options there.

In these options there are a number of considerations.
1. How to get everyone redirected to a single product. 
2. With Blogs there are limits to which any corporate entity will allow
blog-members and the resources to used.
3. All blogs can be easily hacked or have the passing public dumping garbage
or spam into the site so it will take continual management. 
4. All corporate choices are very public and anything posted is publically

The finally option would be to roll-your-own. This is potentially the most
time-consuming but flexible and possibly secure option but maybe something
can be hacked together with a limited amount of effort. 

I personally like the secure forum option, think the roll-your-option is
best and then other formats like Blogs can be linked in. I also believe we
do have the expertise to pull off anything we desire.

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  The other thing is that AccessD has not changed in many, many, years and
the list format is limiting.   John just made the comment "We were going to
have a discussion about other forms that the list could you use instead of
just a list. That hasn't happened but it may yet."
 May happen?  Like when?  Wasn't it months ago it was talked about?  or
changes to the web site?   Don't take me wrong, I'm not trying to be overly
critical (for example, where is *my* contribution).   My point is that
Access D has remained virtually unchanged since it's beginning.  Is it any
wonder there are not new members?  There's nothing here to attract them.
Blogging, Articles, uploads, etc should have been done years ago (and just
as an FYI, we had the same discussions on EE about 7-8 years ago).  I belong
to a local board for dirt bike riders and it's got way more features then
Access D has (it's a simple machines board and cost approx $60/yr).  The
times have changed and Access D has not.
  And while I applaud the article from Arthur and John; guys the horse left
the barn years ago.   These would have been killer articles ten years back,
but now?  No one is building anything sophisticated in VBA anymore.  Look to
the 3rd party world; do you see any of the old standby's updated for 64 bit?
No.  Stephan has retired from all things Access, FMS is really not cranking
out any new stuff,  MZ Tools has been on version 3 for years now, and Smart
Indenter hasn't been updated beyond A2003.
  Arthur did make one point that I disagree with "There is also the
possibility that our discussions have acquired such a narrow focus as to be
intelligible only to the Accesserati."
  If anything, the opposite is true and is something I complained about a
couple of years back; to a certain extent, we seem to talk about just about
anything and everything here now.  It's not just Access anymore and I
believe I share some of Tony's feelings on this as well.  I got tired of the
list several years back after seeing nothing new from anyone, seeing the
same stuff over and over (how many PK debates have we had),  and reading
post after post from John about his latest SQL Server/Windows Server
adventures, networking in his house, etc., which had nothing to do with
  But everyone basically said "times have changed and we all do a lot more
then just Access now", which is totally correct.  A list re-organization was
suggested back then.  But once again, nothing ever happened and here we are
a couple of years latter with nothing changed, having the same conversation
all over again.

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