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Darryl Collins darryl at whittleconsulting.com.au
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Consider using MS's Onenote, (or Evernote if MS software is not your thing) - they are both excellent.  I would say One note is one of the best pieces of software MS have come up with for a long time. Up there with Excel for sheer usefulness.  I use it everyday now.


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I use Blogspot.com which may belong to Google(?).

  Blogspot has a browser based editor and I use that.  The edited blog is saved as a draft until I publish it.  The editor sucks, but it mostly works to do what I need.  I could use word or notepad I suppose to do it offline annd then just paste it in at the last moment.  I use the provided editor simply because I am trying to get a standard look and feel and there is a very limited set of fonts with the provided editor.  I could of course just do the formatting at the end after the paste but... so far I don't. I do edit it as a draft, save it, work on it, polish it, then publish it.  I can edit it after publishing if I need to.

John W. Colby

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On 2/20/2013 9:45 AM, Charlotte Foust wrote:
> I'm not familiar with your tools at all.  I use WordPress for my blog 
> and have been happy with that.  One thing I learned was to work on a 
> piece in something else (I use EverNote) until it's roughly the shape 
> I want, then paste the text into a new post.  But I also save that 
> post as a draft until it's finished.  Do you have that capability, JC?
> Charlotte
> On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 7:11 PM, John W Colby <jwcolby at gmail.com> wrote:
>> jwcolby.blogspot.com
>> I hate the blogging tool and the blogging process, but I love that it 
>> is finally being published in a "permanent" location.  Piece by piece 
>> I will eventually get it all written.  Next up will be a clsCtlCbo to 
>> do the background color change specifically for my friend Arthur.
>> Once those two control wrappers are out there I will likely add 
>> functionality to them.  For example I use the double click event of 
>> the combo to open a form bound to the table behind a combo, moving to 
>> the record that the combo is displaying, allowing the edit of that 
>> (or any) record.  Or moving to the new record if the combo is blank 
>> (not displaying a record).  This is a very useful behavior for a 
>> combo, and one which I developed specifically so that my users could 
>> get at the table behind the combo.
>> After that I will tackle the date formatting for the text box.
>> These kinds of behaviors are precisely the reasons for control 
>> wrappers and demonstrate why classes and events are so important in 
>> moving to the next level.
>> John W. Colby
>> Reality is what refuses to go away
>> when you do not believe in it
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