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Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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Hi Martin:

Can't spell?...your profession but be either that of a Doctor or a
programmer...it comes with the territory. Never leave home without that
spell checker. ;-)

So what is your latest book? Have any of your kids followed you into this
noble profession?

Oh, yes I have to either ask or present an Access question... 

Is there any versions of Access that I can not run on Linux because they all
seem to do so but I just have not testing all of them extensively?


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For whats it worth my own personal thinking on the list.

I hope Access D never changes. Without it I would not be doing what I do
now. I no longer work with Access but what I learnt here and especially the
people I met here give me the skills and knowledge to push ahead. I have
done things in the many years I have been a member and been places I never
thought I would see and most of it is based around the foundation and the
people of this group.

Has Access died, certainly for me other than a reporting tool for
SharePoint. Is MS focus of the desktop, based on my knowledge and meetings
here with them I would say the web is everything now.

Is AccessD dead, I don't think the spirit of AccessD will ever be. AccessD
to me is the people here. Not the posts or the perceived lack of quality of
the post, it's the friends I have made, the people I met and the help and
experience I have received.

Today I am heading up Business Services at Queens University one of the top
Universitirs in the UK, I have written several books, I have learnt about
life, programming and other things on AccessD from those involved. I have
made lifelong friends here. 

AccessD and the people involved is something that has touched and in many
cases changed lives, I know because it changed mine.

Still cant spell worth S%^t but who cares!!


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