[AccessD] AccessD never changes

Kenneth Ismert kismert at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 10:53:28 CST 2013

Change is inevitable. Right now, entropy is winning, and AccessD is slowly
fading into background noise.

This is a group using antique technology to serve antique people.
Seriously, is anyone here under 40? I bet very few. Anyone under 30? I'd be
shocked if we had more than a token number.

Nothing I have read in this current conversation indicates that anything
has changed for the positive. As far as I can tell:

* We are still in the long tail of decline, both in overall postings and
on-topic postings.
* The number of active participants is slowly declining

Of course, I am ready to be proven wrong. The people running AccessD can
release numbers showing whether we are trending up or down.

That hasn't happened yet, and probably for good reason.

The facts are depressing.


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