[AccessD] Bind Form to RecordSet

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Are you linking to tables in MySQL?  If it works like MS SQL, you can
link to a view just like linking to a table.  As for stored procedures,
a common method is to call the stored procedure using a pass-thru query.



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I'm having another problem, too. I should mention that the BE for this
app is a MySQL database. The Access app is hooked to it with ODBC.
Everything works as it did when talking to an Access BE.

One large impediment: Access can see the tables just fine, but seems
unaware of the existence of Views and Stored Procedures in the BE. (Or
at least, they're not visible, and setting the form's recordsource to a
View that I know is there and know it works, because I can see it in
Navicat, just not in Access.)

Does anyone know how I can set the RecordSource to a View instead of a
Table? Is there some special way to refer to it? dbname.viewName didn't

Followup question: How to set the RecordSource to the result set
returned by a Stored Procedure?

I've done this in an ADP before, but that demands a MS SQL BE.

I'm going to double-post to the SQL list, because this part of the
discussion might belong there.



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