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John W Colby jwcolby at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 20:49:02 CST 2013

Charlotte, are you NOT kissing my patutie?

Show of hands out there, all Colby Patutie kissers please raise their hand!  But of course my fans 
are not allowed to actually admit being hangers on.

Sorry Ken.  I don't get there is any fan club here, nor any rock star either.  There are a dozen 
folks more knowledgeable than I. Maybe twice that.  Hell for all I know perhaps 100 more.

I think that what is really going on is that there is no group of discontents willing to spend a 
quite considerable effort to make a change.  There is no "walling off" happening.  I would believe 
no one showed up for the meetings.  I can't say for sure because I didn't show up.  And that is 
probably quite irritating to the one who wants to actually do something.  But while a crowd of one 
might be able to effect change it is unlikely.

I have said I just don't care any more.  AccessD is a small (and shrinking) group of amazingly 
knowledgeable folks.  Knowledgeable about many different things, not only Access.  And so I stick 
around just because... not because I have the need to get a ton of questions answered, though there 
is an occasional question.  Not because I have any need to have my patutie kissed.  Because I know 
and like a bunch of the people here.

Someone called it an "old folks group" or something similar.  To some extent that is very true.

I actually participated in a big way a dozen years ago when I needed AccessD. Now I don't.  I Google 
for twenty questions and if I just can't find it out there then I come to AccessD for that twenty 
first.  Back when we resurrected AccessD I (and a bunch of other people) spent dozens of hours 
building the company, putting together the BOD, writing the bylaws, electing officers, having 
meetings, setting up the infrastructure, raising money, acquiring services.  It was not me, in fact 
I was a bit player in the grand scheme of things.  But I spent significant time none the less.

Today I don't have the time nor the motivation to go through anything like that again.  While Ken 
claims bullshit, I really do support anything anyone wants to do as long as it does not involve 
dragging me out of my recliner.

A dozen years ago I was 45 years old, married, DINK, spent all my spare time running around Mexico 
enjoying the scenery and my "youth".   Today I am 57 years old, have a son 11 years old and a 
daughter 9 years old.  My daughter has significant disabilities. My energies are spent battling the 
system to get services for my daughter.  My hours are spent working in a city 3 hours from home.  My 
hours are spent talking on the phone to my kids at night.  I just don't have any time or energy left 
to fighting the good fight of improving AccessD.  Anyone who claims I am intentionally trying to 
prevent such improvements needs to reconsider their position, that simply isn't true.  I will hang 
around and reap any rewards but I will not spend my precious time actually pushing for it to 
happen.  I did my part the first time around.  It is someone else's turn.

Ken I would actually LOVE (in all caps) to have AccessD become a vibrant bustling community again 
with a dozen different media fronts.  Go for it.  I will vow in public to vote for YOU (Ken) for the 
board (you can run for my position) and also for PRESIDENT of the company (a position I held for 
several years).    That should put you in a position to make the changes that you think will help.

As for Charlotte, I am disappointed that you are disavowing your position as head of my fan club.  
Who shall I get to replace you?

John W. Colby

Reality is what refuses to go away
when you do not believe in it

On 2/25/2013 9:06 PM, Charlotte Foust wrote:
> I never realized I was a groupie!  Wow!  Makes me feel young again ;-}
> Sorry, Ken, but I guess I missed the threads where we were all kissing JC's
> patootie.  I'm having a problem understanding what kind of relevancy you're
> looking for in the list.  Some of us have moved on but still get sucked
> back into Access.  I didn't think there was some kind of screening process
> for belonging, especially since VBA tends to be a crossover language, by
> intent.  I'm not trying to bait you, I honestly don't understand what
> you're looking for.  From what I can see, it boils down to smart people not
> using their intelligence in a way that satisfies you.  Please correct me if
> I'm wrong.
> Why stay around and argue about it?  When I saw the direction Woody's
> Lounge was going after the Great Acquisition by Windows Secrets, I bailed,
> followed very quickly by the rest of the admins.  We went and built our own
> sandbox to play in, Eileen's Lounge.  We're still doing what we did and
> people are still finding us and asking indecipherable questions to which a
> few bright stars actually manage to find answers.
> I'm mostly an admin in absentia, but they still value my viewpoint, so I
> drop in, much like Eileen used to do, just to keep the troops in line.
>   <evilgrin>
> Charlotte
> On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 5:52 PM, Kenneth Ismert <kismert at gmail.com> wrote:

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