[AccessD] He (was) mad at the list!

Kenneth Ismert kismert at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 16:15:07 CST 2013

I didn't realize how angry I was for what happened to me at the end of the
past 'AccessD relevance' thread. This current thread pressed buttons that
haven't been pressed in a long time.

Intended or not, right or wrong, my treatment then was certainly unique.

But I am through raging now about what happened in the past.

Sorry to everyone that got in my cross-hairs. John, in particular, didn't
deserve the broadside he got.

So, where do we stand? Things aren't fixed. I'm not leaving the group, but
will be taking an extended furlough (come to think of it, that's little
different from my current participation level).

Anybody who wants to talk further can do it off list.


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