[AccessD] Data Macros Unavailable

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Charlotte and Doug, thanks.

Charlotte, thanks but that's not strictly true. Following a book's 
instructions, I double-click on a table (which opens it, of course), and a 
Table Tools section appears on the ribbon, containing Fields and Tables 
tabs. Clicking on the Tables tab (sorry that I wasn't this specific the 
first time) yields several icons, including before change and delete, etc. 
Those are greyed out within my app, although the book says that's how I'm 
to access them. In another app, though, they're available. I can't find 
any difference between the two apps that would cause this. OTOH, opening 
in design view as you suggest DOES bring up the Table Tools section again, 
but this time without only one tab, Design. Under that is an icon for 
Create Data Macros, and the same options (before change and delete, etc.) 
are present, and are NOT greyed out, so I definitely thank you for that. 
Still wondering why that other way is available in one app but not the 

Doug, I created the app in Access 2007. Since I'm using 2013 now, I guess 
that's kinda, sorta a legacy app. :-)  But not really.

Thanks, again.

Tom Ewald
Mass Properties
General Dynamics Land Systems

You have to be in design view for the table to get at the data macro 

Charlotte Foust

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Is this a legacy project with mdb file type?


> I've used VBA in Access for several years, and have ignored macros, 
> for the autoexec on occasion. Now we have Access 2013 (64 bit), in which
> macros have taken major steps forward. I was interested in data macros,
> but when I open a table and click on the Table tab, the icons for
> Properties, Before Events, and After Events are all greyed out. I'm
> guessing I've got a setting off somewhere. Could someone help, please?
> Thanks.

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