[AccessD] Vertical line in detail section

Roberto Ford Long rford at terra.com.br
Sat Jun 18 09:58:34 CDT 2016

     Hi Rocky.
     I drop a text box on a section and set left and right control 
border line from transparent to line, set height of control to height of 
section with can grow/shrink property set true, and if I recall 
correctly, set it to back of others controls. I guess that you can set 
the background control color to transparent too.

Em 18/06/2016 09:40, Rocky Smolin escreveu:
> Dear List:
> I have a client who wants vertical lines in the detail section between data
> fields.  This is no problem when the detail section is a fixed height. I've
> done lots of those before - just make the vertical line the exact height of
> the detail section and you get a nice continuous vertical line wherever you
> want it on the report.
> Problem in this case is that there are "Can Grow" fields in the detail
> section which makes the detail height different for each detail line.
> I put a MsgBox Me.Detail.Height in the Format, Retreat and Print events to
> see if I could find out how high the section was but it always comes up with
> the original design height, not the height of the detail section with the
> expanded "Can Grow" text boxes.
> So is there a way to know the height of the detail section at a point where
> I could still adjust the vertical line height to fill the section?
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