[AccessD] Vertical line in detail section

Roberto Ford Long rford at terra.com.br
Sat Jun 18 10:22:05 CDT 2016

     Hi Rocky,
     I use page-footer section, and put a line on top of if.
Em 18/06/2016 11:55, Rocky Smolin escreveu:
> Dang.  Forgot about Line.  But I didn't know it would truncate the line to
> the height of the detail section. Mil gracias for that!
> Now the last thing (OK it's never last, but...) I need to draw a horizontal
> line across the page below the last detail line on the page.  Originally I
> had a line separating each detail line and that looked OK to me.  But not to
> him.
> I could make that line invisible and make it visible only when printing the
> last detail line on the page.  But how to know when the line being printed
> is the last one on the page?
> Or is there some other method that you know of to get that line across the
> bottom of the last detail line on the page.
> r
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> Don't use a Line control.  Use  Me.Line (X, 0)-(X, Y)  in the Detail_Print
> Set Y to 22 inches or the equivalent number in cms, twips, pixels depending
> on how you Scale your report.  (i.e. maximum possible size).  The detail
> will NOT be expanded to the full line length - the line will be truncated to
> the length of the detail.
> --
> Stuart
> On 18 Jun 2016 at 5:40, Rocky Smolin wrote:
>> Dear List:
>> I have a client who wants vertical lines in the detail section between
>> data fields.  This is no problem when the detail section is a fixed
>> height. I've done lots of those before - just make the vertical line
>> the exact height of the detail section and you get a nice continuous
>> vertical line wherever you want it on the report.
>> Problem in this case is that there are "Can Grow" fields in the detail
>> section which makes the detail height different for each detail line.
>> I put a MsgBox Me.Detail.Height in the Format, Retreat and Print
>> events to see if I could find out how high the section was but it
>> always comes up with the original design height, not the height of the
>> detail section with the expanded "Can Grow" text boxes.
>> So is there a way to know the height of the detail section at a point
>> where I could still adjust the vertical line height to fill the
>> section?
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