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A couple of tricks here:

1. You can grab the start of the detail section at the end of the page header and get the end of the details section starting with the page footer. Then draw a line in the on page event after everything is been placed.

Leban had a class module for doing this.

2. But a really slick trick (and this is absolutely great for preprinted forms), is to underlie the entire page in the page header event with an image.  

I did this with a VICS BOL and it worked well.  There is an article on EE which I'll get a link for to point you towards.

The technique is simple though; put an image the size of your entire page in the page header event and then set move layout equal false.  You also need a dummy had her group to soak up the actual heading height.


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> On Jun 18, 2016, at 8:40 AM, Rocky Smolin <rockysmolin at bchacc.com> wrote:
> Dear List:
> I have a client who wants vertical lines in the detail section between data
> fields.  This is no problem when the detail section is a fixed height. I've
> done lots of those before - just make the vertical line the exact height of
> the detail section and you get a nice continuous vertical line wherever you
> want it on the report.
> Problem in this case is that there are "Can Grow" fields in the detail
> section which makes the detail height different for each detail line.
> I put a MsgBox Me.Detail.Height in the Format, Retreat and Print events to
> see if I could find out how high the section was but it always comes up with
> the original design height, not the height of the detail section with the
> expanded "Can Grow" text boxes.
> So is there a way to know the height of the detail section at a point where
> I could still adjust the vertical line height to fill the section?
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