[AccessD] Textbox Font Sizes

Jim Dettman jimdettman at verizon.net
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  I've always understood that what you get in the ribbon drop down is what
is in the font lib.

  If you type in a different size than what is there, then it is scaled.

  Not quite sure if that's what your describing.


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I am using an Access database (not of my creation), whose front end has a
form with a textbox. The font for the textbox is Calibri with a size of 9,
set in the properties. 9 seems to be only available in the properties,
though. If I type into the textbox, it's size 9, as expected. If I paste
text of a different font size into the textbox, however, and want to
reformat it to match the rest of the text in the box, 9 is not available
either by right-clicking (context menu) or by the standard drop-down menu on
the ribbon.  If I simply type the 9 into the size box, which still works
fine in Word, it changes it to 8. I don't remember having this problem
before, although maybe it just never came up. I'm using Access 2013. Any
help understanding this would be appreciated.

Tom Ewald
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