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Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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I have been learning about SQLite but not in a commercial venue. I have been using SQLite, to edit the database from a Kodi lite version for Raspberry PIs called OSMC. 

I have ripped all my CDs, DVDs, Music files, Video (VHS etc), audio books and family/vacation pictures and been using using SQLite, as that is evidently what the application uses. It is much quicker when modifying bulk data than through any other interface. Supposedly, SQLite can have a maximum database size of 140 terabytes which should be more enough for most people's would needs. 

I use the following database browser and editor: https://sqlitebrowser.org/

(The beauty of this product is it runs on any platform and the price is right.)

I have no personal experience on how this DB works in a multi-user environment but have read the following:

"Yes SQLite can support multiple users at once. It does however lock the whole database when writing, so if you have lots of concurrent writes it is not the database you want (usually the time the database is locked is a few milliseconds - so for most uses this does not matter)....and it is very well tested and very stable (and widely used) so you can trust it." 


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Is anyone in the group actively using SQLLite?  I am edging into a role 
where I will need to select a database engine - for use cataloging and 
analyzing objects in the game Morrowind, for use around (but not inside 
of) OpenMW, a Morrowind engine rewrite. Note that I am not on the open 
source coding team that is rewriting the Morrowind game engine, I am 
proposing an addon to the efforts already well under way.

SQLLite seems appropriate given the small size of the data. SQLLite 
seems to be used everywhere for smallish databases, and this seems to be 
smallish data.

Just looking for wisdom on SQLLite, ease of use (or lack thereof), Power 
of the engine for storage and analysis of the data etc.

John W. Colby

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