[AccessD] 2 Client Requests

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Tue Jan 15 22:03:21 CST 2019

Dear Lists:


1 - Client has an app to control tasks in a project with a large text box
for comments on a task.  The task box is bound to a memo field. He would
like to be able to copy and paste from a boilerplate spreadsheet that has
steps to complete a task - wants to cut and paste but the data loses
formatting.  Biggest problem is that it inserts 3 lines in the text box for
every line of spreadsheet imported. But also he'd need to see columns a, b
and c spaced correctly so they line up in columns. 


2 - He would also like to be able to create a hyperlink from any text in
that text box that would link to a document.  Easy enough in Word - select
the text, right click Hyperlink and the dialog box asks you for what's to be
opened when you click the new hyperlink. But that doesn't work in a text box
- you can select text, right click, but there's no Hyperlink option in the
context menu.  


I told him the best way would be for me to put a "Find Spreadsheet" button
on the form which would open up the file dialog box and after he selects the
spreadsheet, I'd open in in VBA and get the cells one at a time and format
them correctly.  Then of course, he added other features - specify which
lines are to be imported and which columns.  So that would make the
hyperlink a much easier solution.  


But.can it be done?




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